If you meet our basic membership criteria, please consider joining our organisation! By becoming a member you can join a growing number of professionals and students who are helping to advance the field of humanitarian work psychology.

What Are the Membership Levels and Criteria for Joining?

Membership in our organisation is limited to those who are normally working or studying in the area of industrial-organizational (I-O)/work psychology or a closely related area, or to those who are engaged or planning to engage in HWP and accredited, enrolled, or associated with an organization/discipline to that end. Non-psychologists may be granted membership in the organisation if they are actively engaged in work which clearly falls within the scope of HWP.

  • Full membership is for professionals and academics in the field, as well as students studying at least at the postgraduate level (honours/masters or above).
  • Student membership is for current undergraduate students and those with an undergraduate degree who have not yet begun their graduate work.
Are There Annual Membership Dues?

No – membership does not cost anything and there are no annual dues associated with membership in GOHWP. In April 2014, the Executive Board unanimously voted to adopt a donation model rather than a membership dues model to help defray organisational costs. Instead of membership dues, GOHWP will occasionally ask for donations to help defray the costs of running our organisation (e.g., web hosting and registration, ensuring connectivity at our annual meetings so members can join us remotely, advertising).

How Do I Join?

Click here to complete an online membership form.