Check out this great opportunity to work with the 2017 SHRM / CHCI Summer Internships! See below.

Subject: Seeking Your Help

Hi all,

We are seeking your help with a unique opportunity.  SHRM, in conjunction with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) will be providing five lucky students with the opportunity to participate in an exclusive 2017 summer internship/scholarship program.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) is a group of 26 Members of Congress of Hispanic descent.  The Caucus is dedicated to voicing and advancing issues affecting Hispanic Americans in the United States.  The medium in which the Caucus accomplishes this goal is through their Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI). CHCI is a 501(c)(3) leadership and development organization that works to educate, empower and connect decision makers with Hispanic American, with a focus on Hispanic Youth.

SHRM has supported CHCI since 2009 and has worked diligently to build relationships with elected members of the CHC in order to leverage SHRM’s expertise as a thought leader on relevant issues on Capitol Hill. In 2016, SHRM and CHCI created a summer internship/scholarship program aimed at supporting Hispanic youths with an interest in human resources.  For 2017, we will again place interns in the Southern California area (3), as well as Dallas, TX(1) and Chicago, IL (1). 

We are reaching out to see if your company, or any other company you might know of would be interested in hosting an intern.

Here are a few of the host company criteria.

·         The internship duration is for 10-12 weeks this coming summer

·         We ask that the company adhere to an 80 hour pay period (full-time)

·         The intern will be in the workplace Monday – Friday, during normal business hours, but of course, actual schedules will be dictated by the employers.

·         The employer would compensate the intern directly (no less than $12.50/hour), and SHRM will provide each intern with a small scholarship ($2500).

Below is an outline of the application process.

·         November – February 28, 2017Application Period Open.  (please review the attached Application Announcement and CHCI/SHRM Scholar Intern Flyer)

·         January 18 –  January 23 – Panel members identify potential company’s and inform of interest. Please provide company name, contact name and e-mail/phone number.

·         January 23 –  February 13 – Rachel conduct calls with potential companies to go over questions. Host companies should be socializing the program with company boards, HR teams, etc. Please note we are asking the companies to provide compensation. Companies confirm intern commitment with SHRM (Rachel Rosen – or 703-535-6300)

·         February 17 Companies confirm commitment

·         February 28 –  Application Period Closes

·         Early-March 2017 –  CHCI conducts 1st round of application reviews

·         Mid-March through Early-April 2017 – Company reviews student applications & conducts interviews

·         April 26, 2017 – Host companies inform CHCI and SHRM of top intern candidates

·         End- April – 2017CHCI reaches out to final applicants to extend offer

·         May – SHRM host intern orientation with host companies

             SHRM host orientation with final interns

            CHCI complete paperwork (for scholarship processing and travel), complete background checks, hold orientation call with both CHCI and
employer. Items to discuss include:

·         June August – Internships are held

For more on the program and student criteria please see attached.

The application can be found online.

Please check out 2016’s success.

Intern Experience 2016:

Host Experience 2016:

Thank you for considering assisting us with the 2017 SHRM / CHCI Summer Internships.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

2017 CHCI SHRM-Scholar-Intern Program Final SHRMdocx