A recent paper by Ruggs and Colleagues (2016) brings attention to different paradigms of racial tension throughout the United States, especially those involving law enforcement. The article also highlights some ways I-O and Humanitarian Work Psychologists can help. Below are some key pointers from the article. Be sure to check it out!

  1. Organizations should consider diversity training to reduce explicit and implicit racial biases.
  2. Performance evaluations can be used to assess candidates likely to exhibit biases toward others.
  3. Conducting climate studies to assess how accepting employees are of bias in their work environment could ultimately facilitate a more positive workplace.
  4. Psychologists can advocate for the integration of sensitivity training for management and leaders within organizations.
  5. Psychologists can work with police departments to assess the trust community members have for police officers, and potentially develop programs to address any issues.

Where to find the article: http://my.siop.org/Publications/IOPFocalArticles

Citation: Ruggs, Hebl, Rabelo, Weaver, Kovacs, & Kem (2016). Baltimore is burning: Can I-O psychologists help extinguish the flames?. SIOP IOP Focal Articles.