Hello, GOHWP members!

The current term for the GOHWP Executive Board comes to a close on 31st October and  we are seeking candidates for several Board positions. Board members are responsible for maintaining GOHWP operations as well as developing and communicating our organizational strategy to our members and the public. Serving on the board provides an opportunity for personal leadership development and the chance to work with others who are passionate about humanitarian work psychology and the future of GOHWP.

Open positions for the upcoming term include:

-Chair (1-year term)
-Vice Chair (1-year term)
-Executive Board members (2-year term)
-Student Representative (1-year term)

Details on each of the positions are below. You may nominate yourself or someone else you think is a good fit by completing the 2018 Nomination form.

This is a great opportunity for new people to join the team, so please consider taking a more active role in the organisation and nominating yourself or someone you know for a position! If you would like more information about what any of the roles entail, please don’t hesitate to email info@gohwp.org.

Board members spend around 8-10 hours per month on GOHWP activities, including a two-hour online/VOIP Board meeting. Expertise and a track record in HWP are not required – rather what is more important is a passion for the work that we do, and for engaging others in that work. Here are the details for each position:

  • Chair (1-year term):
    (1)  The leadership and continued advancement of the organisation;
    (2)  Promoting the mission, goals, and values of the organisation;
    (3)  Overseeing the day-to-day functionality of the organisation;
    (4)  Delegating tasks to others in order to carry out the above duties;
    (5)  Chairing regular Executive Board and full membership meetings.

  • Vice-chair (1-year term):
    (1)  Supporting the efforts of the Chair when appropriate and needed;
    (2)  Stepping in for the Chair when they are unavailable;
    (3)  Fulfilling the role of an Executive Board member, as outlined below

  • Executive board member (2-year term):
    (1) Executive Board members are elected to general positions and must be willing to fill any of the portfolios that are vacant at the time of the election.
    (2)  At the first meeting of the new Executive Board portfolio(s) of work will be divided up amongst the Board members. Portfolios might include one or more of the following areas: web manager, external relations, communications, treasurer, secretary, marketing, programs, advocacy, and membership.

  • A student representative (1-year term):
    (1)  Representing the needs and perspectives of the student membership to the Executive Board
    (2)  Interacting and engaging with the student membership

For more detailed descriptions of these positions, their responsibilities, and requirements, please see our by-laws at http://gohwp.org/by-laws/

Timeline for Nominations and Elections
Now until October 3 – Nomination for leadership positions
October 5-27 – Election (voting is open)
Late October – Results of election announced
November 1 – Term begins

Nomination Process
To be nominated for the position of Executive Board Member or Student Representative, you must provide a brief personal statement (250 words or less) outlining the reasons why you should be considered for the position. In addition, you must be willing to meet the time commitment for each role (i.e. several hours per month).

To be nominated for the position of Chair and Vice-Chair, you must:
1. Provide a brief description (4-5 sentences) of your vision and priorities for the Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology;
2. Provide a brief description (4-5 sentences) of your HWP-related work and/or research (i.e. publications, grants, presentations, summaries of projects);
3. Provide a brief summary (250 words or less) of your previous leadership experience, which can address one or more of the following areas:
– Relationship management
– Conflict management
– Administrative duties
– Budget management
– Any additional skills and areas of expertise that further qualify you for the chair position (e.g. leadership on other boards, strong networks that could help grow the GOHWP membership).
4. Be willing and able to meet the time commitment requirements for this role (i.e. an average of 5 hours per week).

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by e-mailing info@gohwp.org.