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Why Should You Join GOHWP?

There are many reasons why GOHWP membership is beneficial. A few of our favorite reasons:

1) Members receive access to the forum, where announcements about events and conferences, research resources, news, and other important information is posted and where members can participate in conversations about critical issues.

2) Members can access our Teaching Resources to get ideas and support for incorporating HWP into their course offerings

3) Members can participate in meetings and decisions about the future of our organization.

4) Membership is FREE and will remain free! The Executive Board decided at a recent meeting that GOHWP membership will not be associated with dues, which means that all you have to do to join is complete an application! Visit // to fill out the application and join hundreds of members from around the globe.

Teaching Resources

Have you explored the teaching resources available on our web site? The curriculum working group was established in early 2013 to focus on pulling together resources for members wanting to include HWP modules or courses. As part of this process we have created a space on the GOHWP web site (// where members can share their own syllabi, modules, and exercises, and get ideas from the work of other members. We hope that by building this space we can help support the integration of HWP related teaching into I-O courses, as well as the development of new HWP-focused courses. Please consider sharing your own resources with the community! One great example resource comes from Herco Fonteijn and his students at Maastricht University. Herco has created  set of problem-based learning modules meant to highlight issues such as poverty, human trafficking, and pay disparity, and to encourage students to understand and apply HWP principles to these issues. You can find these modules and more on the site!