What is Humanitarian Work Psychology?

Humanitarian work psychology or HWP concerns the synthesis of organisational, industrial, work, and other areas of psychology with deliberate and organised efforts to enhance human welfare.

This definition includes activities that are not only traditionally associated with humanitarian assistance and international development, but also with the promotion of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) concept of decent work as well as poverty-reduction more generally.

To find out more about the field of humanitarian work psychology, see our Resources page for examples of some HWP-related books, articles, and presentations.

What is the Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology?

The Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology is a coalition of individuals from low- to high-income countries devoted to the field of humanitarian work psychology and its participants. We have explicit goals and follow a specific set of values (see Our Goals and Values) and we work together to promote and engage in humanitarian activities through the practice and study of organisational psychology. Because of our goals and values, we are a hybrid organisation that mixes aspects of a professional association with a non-profit organisation devoted to humanitarian work and international development.

Members of our organisation are certainly not the only individuals who work in the area of humanitarian work psychology and we hope to unify, promote, and support the diverse efforts of our members and the many others who use organisational psychology for the deliberate and organized enhancement of human welfare. The activities and identities of our members are varied.

Our membership includes practitioners, researchers, and student in the field of organisational psychology alongside professionals from other disciplines and organisations that utilise organisational psychology to enhance human welfare.

For more information about our goals and values, our current leadership, and our history, see the Who We Are page.

How can I get involved?

For information about how to become a member of our organisation, click Join Us above. You can also go to the Online Network page to learn about getting involved in our online community.

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